TnpPred - About

TnpPred is a web service for the prediction of Prokaryotic transposases based on 47 validated Hidden Markov Models (HMM profiles) for 19 Insertion Sequence transposase families. The HMM profiles were built from protein sequences deposited in the classification of Prokaryotic Insertion Sequences, ISfinder. The HMM profiles were developed to help researchers identify and classify transposases in their own protein sequences.

Quick start: Load one or more protein sequences in the single letter amino code* in the TnpPred search page and GO! TnpPred accepts either raw protein sequences or sequences in FASTA format. For multiple, simultaneous searches the sequences must be in FASTA format. TnpPred currently accepts a maximum of 5,000 amino acids.

Please send us your questions, comments, suggestions for improvement to contact at mobilomics dot cl.

Reference: TnpPred: a Webservice for the Robust Prediction of Prokaryotic Transposases. Gonzalo Riadi, Cristobal Medina-Moenne and David S. Holmes. Comp Funct Genomics. 2012; 2012: 678761

*: An X means STOP codon, not any aminoacid!